Peel offers a challenging, fast-paced environment to its staff.  At Peel you'll experience the best of both worlds - a company with high growth, but the stability that comes with profitablity and solid core benefits.  We welcome you to apply for any open positions, or to send your resume for available openings in the future.

Available Positions:

ADVERTISING SALES:  College degree required. Prior sales experience is a must. For more details, email your resume to Sam Jordan, VP Sales at [email protected].

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER: College degree required. The business development manager will direct a staff of 5-10 site managers in acquiring sites to work with Peel. Excellent communication skills and management experience are a must. Technical proficiency is also required to work with Web site owners.

ASSISTANT SITE MANAGER:  High school education required, college degree preferred. The assistant site manager will deal individually with members of the Peel Network.  Excellent communication skills are a must.  Technical proficiency is also required to answer webmaster inquiries.

ONLINE GRAPHIC DESIGNER: College degree required. The graphic designer will work with the Peel staff to develop and test new advertising creatives for use on the Peel Network. This position will also be responsible for creating and updating various Peel Web sites. Please email samples of your work to [email protected]

Employment:      [email protected]